The ultimate in family living! We were thrilled to be approached by our clients to undertake this architectural build in Coorparoo



  • Project: New Build
  • Location: Coorparoo, Brisbane, Queensland
  • Duration: 6 months
  • Budget: $640k


Build highlights

Oversized glass windows & a double height void over the living area to harness natural light

Gorgeous feature fireplace in the living room

Outdoor alfresco area that transitions to a beautiful in-ground concrete pool


When choosing a builder what was important to you and why did you choose Samadhi Builds as your architectural builders? 

Prior to choosing Samadhi Builds, we had engaged another builder who we had paid a deposit to and who simply didn’t commence the job.  So being able to trust our builder was paramount.  We knew Sam and the caliber of person he is, so didn’t hesitant to hire him (or get other quotes) because our prior experience had taught us that being able to trust our builder was more important than any cost savings we might receive from builders we didn’t know.


During the building process what key factors were most important to you? 

During the build what became obvious and really important factors was Sam’s great communication and project management skills.  He picked up errors which Architects had made on our plans and communicated them to us and options for solutions.  He would also draw attention to items that were correct on the plans, but which didn’t work in practice and flag them to us before we were too progressed.  He also has a long term employee Mal, who’s attention to detail on layout, symmetry and practicality is really impressive.  Mal and Sam would spend ages working through a problem or mapping out options for where items would be positioned.  We also had significant cost additions we made (e.g. adding a fireplace) and Sam would help find cost savings in our contract to help us accommodate them. The subcontractors that he has relationships with – were also very easy to deal with.  The painters were great at helping me choose colours and advising what to choose.  We since engaged both his cabinet-maker and electrician on other jobs.


On completion of your project how do you feel Samadhi Builds met your expectations? 

Sam’s communication and patience really did exceed our expectations.  We certainly had disagreements during the build, but none ever left a bad taste in our mouth or ended up being contentious.  We both made compromises and many of these decisions from a disagreement – made the build better!  The workmanship was great (however I am not an expert on this – nothing has broken since).  On completion I felt really sad that it was all over, as I had really enjoyed the project and working with Sam on it.  I know that so many builds end up with the owners and builders being in argument with each other and not speaking again. We would definitely engage Sam again.