PAC Process (Paid As a Consultant)

Building and construction is so much more than nuts and bolts. It is super important to get the design, planning and proposal stages right before undertaking a new build or home renovation project. The best way for me, the builder, to deliver the things you as a homeowner want to experience during the project and also the product you deserve upon completion is for you to engage Samadhi Builds through our PAC Process.

The 3 main advantages of our PAC Process are:

1. Your early introduction to myself, Sam Carroll, a building professional who is passionate, driven and committed. I collaborate well with other professionals and consultants. I am personable and understand the value and rewards of hard work.

2. Your access to constant education throughout the PAC Process. During our meetings you will have the chance to learn about how your project will be built, the processes involved and the materials used. You will also have the opportunity to learn about Samadhi Builds. You will hear about systems, project management, business structure and values. Many builders will claim to be passionate, professional and committed but you very rarely have the chance to ask, verify and satisfy your queries.

3. Perhaps the most important feature is cost reviews and analysis at the commencement and throughout the PAC process. We’ve all heard of building projects being designed and documented well above a clients’ budget. We have been apart of many tenders where the project has been designed and the client has fallen in love with the dream which has been shattered due to unexpected pricing when proposals have been submitted. Many of these projects are never built.

Our PAC Process sees Samadhi Builds in early partnership with you and Designers or Architects to produce working drawings and detailed proposals that match your budget.

I’m exited to work with you and your team to produce outstanding projects! Please get in touch via email to receive an in depth explanation of how the PAC Process will benefit your project.

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